We are pleased to offer
The STEAMER Method Group Programme
A six-week evidence-based intervention group for parents of neurodiverse children who present with behaviours that challenge. Join our STEAMER Method Group Programme to help you understand your neurodiverse child's behaviour and make changes.

The STEAMER Method Group Programme

“My child NEVER misbehaves” -said no parent, ever! 

All children have behaviours that challenge adults, but when a child is neurodiverse- in other words, has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Autism or a learning disability- behaviours that challenge are even more common. For neurodiverse children, behaviours can get in the way of making friends, achieving at school and just generally, being happy. And as parents, this can be a really worrying. 

Through the STEAMER Method Group Programme, we support parents to understand why neurodiverse children behave the way they do. We teach adults to take control when their behaviours leave us feeling helpless and give parents the confidence to make changes that are backed up by research and proven to improve your neurodiverse child's behaviour. All while celebrating their uniqueness and their strengths and promoting a positive bond.

Contact us to find out more about our STEAMER Method Group Programme a 6-week online group for parents of children with neurodevelopmental conditions and behaviours that challenge.

What behaviours can the STEAMER Method Group Programme help with?

  • Not following instructions
  • Disruptive
  • Verbal aggression
  • Pushing/shoving
  • Running/absconding
  • Destroying property
  • Screaming/shouting
  • Meltdowns/tantrums
  • Throwing things
  • Hitting/pinching/kicking
  • Headbutting/head banging
  • Leaving areas without permission
  • Crying/whining
  • Spitting/biting
  • Climbing things
  • Arguing with friends/adults

What is the STEAMER Method Group Programme?

The STEAMER Method Group Programme is a comprehensive 6-week online group programme that teaches parents the STEAMER Method. The STEAMER method gives parents and caregivers the key to finding the reason behind every behaviour that children display. The STEAMER Method can be used to understand all behaviour, but our group programme is especially for parents of neurodiverse children. The STEAMER Method Group Programme takes place online, for 90 minutes every week for 6 weeks (with a break during half term). Over this time, parents learn everything they need to know about the STEAMER Method and how to use the tools and strategies, proven to change behaviours in children with ADHD and Autism.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What does the group programme involve?
In a nutshell: Showing up to six, 90-minute sessions (weekly, delivered online) Taking part in the activities and conversations during the sessions Doing the weekly home tasks
2When is the next group?
Please get in touch with us for more information about our next group.
3Who is eligible to attend the STEAMER Group Programme?
The STEAMER Group Programme is for parents or caregivers with children: Aged 3 to 18 years With a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Autism or a learning disability (also called intellectual disability or developmental delay) Suspected to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Autism or a learning disability Presenting with behaviours that challenge
1Who is the STEAMER Method Group programme not for?
Professionals Children who are currently part of an ongoing safeguarding or criminal investigation Children who are currently presenting with deliberate self-injurious behaviours Children with a diagnosis of a learning difficulty (such as dyslexia) only
2How do parents join the STEAMER Method Group Programme?
Parents and caregivers can self-refer. This means that parents or caregivers who would like to attend our group needn't wait for the child's GP, social worker or teacher to refer them in. They can join our waiting list here. Parents and caregivers can also be referred into our group programme, with their permission, by teachers social care or healthcare professionals. Refer a parent or caregiver and have them added to our waiting list by completing our referral form.
3How much does the STEAMER Method Group Programme cost?
The STEAMER Method Group Programme is currently being offered at £963 per family (up to two attendees per child).

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